Rabu, 01 Juni 2011

Brussel Spring - Disdus

Finally i got a chance to use this voucher from Disdus. I got sick for few weeks because i insisted not to use any antibiotics.
I have heard about Brussel Spring from my friend,Bobby. She said its a good bistro and her European boyfriend's favorite.
Yesterday i decided to use this voucher for late dinner with Chibi..ye-ay!

When i arrived,my first impression was..this is a neat bistro. White wall,white table and red chairs.

And i love the decoration. They put a lot of toys and pillows :D

The last pic was taken from inside the table. Cute aight?

Chibi with teletubbies pillow.

Me with The Bug pillow..hahaha

My voucher is valued for a portion of waffle and a scoop of ice cream. We were quite confused to choose the flavor,but they nicely let us try.

Chibi choose to try...mm,i forgot the name but it contains vanilla,rhum and chocochips.

The waffle is not like any other that i have tried before. This one is so crispy and soft inside. The ice cream is undoubtly delicious and doesn't melt easily. We both love it!
Then i ordered the savory meal..a Beef Zurich Style.

I looove the mashed potato soooo much! Its so delicious i don't know why..hahaha. Chibi also said that it doesn't look very spicy,but when you eat it,its soo yummy and creamy. The beef also tasty and easy to chew. Well,considering that we both using braces,its a friendly one to us :)

We both agree that these meals worth the price.We ket saying wow and yum while we eat them hahaha. And believe us,we were not exaggerating :)).. Sooo gonna wait to get back here again.

So long! :D

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