Sabtu, 04 Juni 2011

Friends and Manner

As i have mentioned before,i'm married for two years but have no children yet..
In this post,i want to share about my friends and their maner to my condition.
Yes,sometimes they asked about child for chit chat. And when i said i haven't,their face turned pale :)
And i think i'm not the one who feel bad that time. But it's natural. You can't control how people would react towards this condition.

I met Dita,my long lost friend. She's such a nice friend and really good at chit chat-ing. I met her at Brigtspot.
Dita: So, udah 'isi' beloooom?
Me: belom diit,doain yaaa
Dita: iya tenang cuma basa basi kok. Jangan down ya Faar..pasti bisaaa *she smiled*
Me: iya iya *smiled back*
Afterward,we chat more about meet up and so on.

She made me feel good about the situation..and made herself feel good also.

Then few months later, i talked to the opposite one. I was just woke up and tweeted something about it. He said something that reminds me of my mom. So i said jokingly: wow,are you my mom?
He said: Kamu udah isi belom?
As he used my preggie matter as joke,i tried to calmed my self down. Even i know its inappropriate.
I said: belum,kan baru bangun,gimana sih?
He replied: laki kamu kurang tokcer ya?

That's was outrageous reply. I was quite surprised by his lack of manner.
So i tweeted back: semoga Tuhan membalas tweet lo amiiiin

Then he once again made fun of it. He said: ampuni saya bundaaaa.

It was the end of conversation. But from that point i can see how people could re act differently based on their empathy..and what i have to fight until God send me a child.
I'm on :))

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