Rabu, 27 Juli 2011

MOF Cafe-Dealkeren

I was tempted to bought the deal from Dealkeren promo because of the pasta picture. It looks delicious and i was craving for good meal (blame it to masterchef!) ;p
So i bought two vouchers, each 25k voucher valued for 50k.
As usual,i browsed reviews from previous guests to know what are their specialties. They said MOF has good macha menus. Then a month later, i changed my direction..from pasta to macha, hehehe..and two days a go i prove it there with my hubby ^^

It is on the 2nd floor Plaza Indonesia extention,near Muji. They have two area..one is inside, and the other one is (of course) outside, near the escalator..
I ordered hot macha unsweetened with gyuuhi (some kind of mochi but softer).

Classic set,right? But also very cute :)
It was an ordinary macha beverages,but if you want a different taste,maybe you should try the macha latte instead.
Then i ordered this..

Macha Zen,sweet red bean soup with macha ice cream and 4-5mochis. This one is my favorite! The combination of thick soup,sweet and melted macha ice cream with chewy texture of mochi is amazing! This one is totally reccomended :) and the price is only 29k.

That's why i took a picture with it,hahahaaa..
The last one i ordered macha cream with caramel sauce.

Even if its sweet already,but i still added some liquid sugar. And the liquid sugar came in this mini cute cup!

I like its details and texture when i hold it with two fingers. It feels funny ;p
And the good part was..i didn't have to pay more, because my vouchers include the tax also :)
So yes, it was a pleasant experience..glad i tried it here. Definitely gonna get back for the machaaaa! :*

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