Minggu, 17 Juli 2011

Serabi Notosuman-BSD

Been loving these since i first tasted it months a go. Serabi Notosuman is one favorite and wanted snacks in Pasar Modern,BSD.
I used to manage myself and hubby to go there on Sunday morning.
Why morning?
Because i heard they use to running out of ingredients and closed their kiosk in the afternoon. Yes,right like you imagined,their serabi sold out very quickly.

They have two variations of serabi. The original one,made by white coconut cream,sugar and flour, and the chocolate. The chocolate one basically has the same ingredients with the original,they just added some jimmies inside before thy bake.
It doesn't take too long to bake a serabi. That's why the middle of their serabi is so soft and yummy.

You can have he original one IDR 2500k/piece,and the chocolate for IDR2700k.
If you choose to eat it there,they will give you serabi with banana leaf so you wont feel the heat. Because all the serabi here are made just in time you order it. Except when you order it by phone to take home.
If you choose to take it away,they will roll your serabi each and covered it with banana leaf. Both ways are great for me :)

And the good part is,they're still yummy even if you eat it few hours later :)

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