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Vegas Hotdog -Disdus

From the first time i see the deal,all i can think is to try it with Laura,my friend. She lives nearby Central Park,the place where Vegas Hotdog deal is on, so i assumed she knows that place better than me,hehehe..

Laura said Vegas Hotdog has the famous super long hotdog,approximately 30cm? Hahaha...massive,right?
When i first arrived, I like this place because its park view..even the place is not too big,but you will feel its quite spacious.

Look at the hotdog prototype..i guess that's the real size of the legendary 30cm hotdog. I wonder who can eat it all alone? ;p

Back to the Disdus deal! Our deal is valued for a large hot dog,and one extra meal. We choose spaghetti bolognaise chicken cutlet for that one. Laura ordered strawberry fruit tea for her beverages. It has also a lot more sweet beverages there, but as usual, i choose to drink mineral water.

The hotdog size,by my surprise,is big! *knocking my head* heylooo...its LARGE, far! Hahaha..
21cm long hotdog :) The spaghetti came in average portion, i just wish it has a lot more bolognaise sauce ;) After we had our meals, we can added more sauce in the sauce station here..

Cute,right? They served many kind of sauces. From Thailand, Brazil, to Indonesian sauce. You can also added more veggies topping like cucumber or tomatoes if you like.

What i like from the meal, is that the hot dog is quite soft. For braces user like me, its quite friendly. It tastes good, and the size is right when you're hungry, hohoho. The spaghetti itself, is al dente.

With that amount of meals,in a very good deal,we got off there with happy tummyyyyyyyy...! Hahaha... You can see it by Laura's happy face there :D

That's why we took a walk in the park and shop some more afterward..hehehe ;p

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