Senin, 15 Agustus 2011

Salero Ajo- Radio Dalam

Been craving for it for quite long time. But a bit scared by rumours that says that the Sate Padang here are too spicy. I have had imagined how my stomach would be :p

Yesterday my hubby was so hungry after tarawih. We randomly decided to try Salero Ajo.
Here's one portion of Sate Padang with lontong

My hubby impressed by the size of each Sate. The beef chunkes are quite thick. So different from the size of another Sate Padang we have ever had.

I think that explains why few of the beef cuts are bit chewy.
And for the dressing,slurrrpppp...soo yummy :D
Yes it is quite spicy,but i didn't sense it until my last piece,hehehe ;p

My hubby also ate the potato chilli chips for 2k only.

For a portion of Sate Padang costs 18k, with pr without ketupat. A bit costy but worth for its delicious taste :9

This place is quite be patient when you're searching for seats.. ;))

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