Kamis, 04 Agustus 2011

Wish i

Could stay in one good perception. So i won't fall into dissapointment when it hit me.
I was one happy person few days a go. All i can say is that GOD gave me good times. Even if nobody else can see.
Then yesterday my friend tweeted about GOD's generousity. She said that most of her wish were come true. So it wasn't fair to say that GOD is not listened. And i agreed. GOD listens.
But in certain conditions i forget. In certain conditions doubt fulfilling my nerves. And now i wish i wasn't. I wish i always remember and feel that GOD listens in my bones.
GOD always tell me things in many ways. He does re-act to anything i did. Not in a way people can see, i just can sense it.

And i always want to remember it. Always.
But being forgetful is human..
Help me GOD,i beg you

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