Jumat, 21 Oktober 2011

Volcano roll-ikura gunkan- Sushi Tengoku

During my ikura therapy, i became such an expert about sushi kiosk in Jakarta..hahaha *bragging :p*
One sushi kiosk that i like because of its freshness is Sushi Tengoku.
And their ikura is also bigger than other sushi restaurants.

Reddish,cute and fresh. Because i'm not a fan of ikura,i had few difficult times when i ate them. That's why i have to buy another menu that contains mayonnaise or crumbs to cover.

And my best pair menu in Sushi Tengoku so far was these volcano roll and ikura

I thought volcano was just a name for its shape. But in Sushi Tengoku,they really baked it after they rolled the sushi. The heat stays quite long,so you have to be careful or your tongue get burned. It happened to me by the way,hahaha :p

Since this volcano has major mayonnaise on top, i picked some with my ikura so it tasted better, and i can eat it quickly :)

Volcano roll: IDR 55k
Ikura gunkan: IDR:50k

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