Selasa, 01 November 2011

Current Progress on Ikura

This ikura (salmon roe)'s kind of therapy is still going on on me :)
And i like the progress so far. I came back to Dr.Andon on November 20th (because Dr.Budi Wiweko went to America at that time). Voila, i got one ovum in 2,4mm! A very good progress indeed :)) My last ovum was almost 2mm before i got my period.

So yes, i think this ikura therapy is quite good for me.

A week later, me and Daly quite worry about eating raw food every day would caused me something if i got pregnant. So last week, i tried to tested myself. It's negative :)

Yet, i'm fine.
So I'm still doing it everyday with no pressure. If i got some time to buy one, i will eat ikura. But if i'm too busy, then i skipped a day :) I'm also have some friends who always asked me if i want to join them every time they planned to go to malls. God bless me much..

It's just a journey, so why worry? :)

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