Selasa, 22 November 2011

Hijaber goes to Bar..krik krik krik..

This is what makes me scared the most: invitation to go to the lounge or bar.
But i can't resisted it, since it was my high school 10 years reunion. So yeah, i collected my guts and figured what would i wear to that moment. Why?

Because I heard about one Indonesian celebrity that got expelled by an opera's usher in Singapore. She got expelled because the usher thought she was a maid. And yep, no maid is allowed to get in. I also knew a story of one blogger that always got nervous when she entered a lounge, that's why she always put beanie and scarf instead of hijab.

Alhamdulillah, i never got any one of that moment, except when i came to Canteen almost a year a go. People there stare at me strangely. Especially because some of my friends drink alcohol. For me, of course i don't want to get expelled. Of course i don't want people to look at me strangely again.

H-1, i called Kimie, one of my best friend in high school, asked her to come together there. Since i can't come with Daly, and i didn't want to come by myself. She agreed, then i feel relieved.

At D-day, i called Dida, one of my hijaber friend from high school. Asked her if she would come. And she said yes, but not for a long time. Then the nerves called back. How am i supposed to do when she left?

Fyi, Dida is way different than me. She's always been a nice and modest girl a long time before she wear hijab. She's truly a nice person and yes, she's one of my friend that encourage me to wear hijab. Me? I was a rascal back then, and still got it bit in me right now :p

Then i thought, what the heck with people. I want to meet my friends and have fun. If they would expelled me, then i just go home. Life wouldn't be so bad only because you got expelled from a reunion, right? *or..not, hahaha!*

Right when i entered 365 ecobar, that guts raised up. I saw my teachers whom also wear hijab. I saw Jua, one of my high school friend that came up with her hijab *never knew about it before*. Dida was also there and stayed until it's over. The committee didn't serve any alcohol drinks. They're purely make it like a gathering in restaurant, not in a bar.

Yes some of my friends surprised when they saw me. Especially they who haven't see me in a very long time. Most of them stared for quite long, then off they go politely. And for me it's fine. It's just funny how they treat me differently, in a good way of course :). The only awkward moment was when one of my friend, didn't believe what he saw, then asked to took a picture of me. I was like..well, okay. Hahaha..strange ;p

This is me-Jua and Kimie.
The reunion rocks! I had fun, and i believe my friends had too, thanks to Pandji and all the committees.
Anyway, I choose to wear a black long sleeve shirt with skeleton print on it, and stripes cotton shawl from Rock Inc. So even if i wear hijab, my old friend still can 'find the old me' through it ;)

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