Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

Changing Priority

I'm in a state where the word is grey. Nothing is outstanding. Nothing catched my attention.

I got my soulmate back and i don't want to let go.
I found my old friendship back and enjoy every byte of it.

And everything seems grey..since i have people who understand and accept me the way i am right beside me.

You see..
When some people take you out from their priority, God will send you people you really need in a second.

Alhamdulilah :)

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Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

Valentine's Day

Here's what i got

Six cutie cupcakes from Bobby and Muthia. They bought 'em from Mini Love Bites. Delicious yet sweet :)

A brown bag. Because i wo the 6th of dress code party in my office. The dresscode theme was Black Valentine. Won the 6th was a blessing. Because i like this bag so much than other pricey prize :)

So yes, celebrating birthday on Valentine's Day was actually pretty good :)

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Senin, 13 Februari 2012

My being 28th and scared

Today is my birthday..
Right on Valentine's Day..
I got many birthday wishes this morning and feel really grateful of that..

The strange part is, i don't celebrate birthday. Not because i hate it, but because i'm afraid of getting older.

I celebrate birthday when i was a kiddo and on my 17 and 18.

Afterward, i didn't celebrate it too much. I once got a surprise party from my ex in high school. Right on my 17th birthday.
Other than that? None. People don't surprised me. Maybe because i'm not the right person to get it, hahaha.
I wish for everything good and better in my life of course. But age always remind me of death.

What have i done yesterday? Have i being a good person in the name of Allah?
That's the reason why i feel scared.

I love my life and alhamdulillah i'm surrounded by people who love me much. And too afraid to let them go.

But i realized something..To hear Daly's snore in the morning, a phone call from my dad when he was out of town, a long sms from my mom----make me think that birthday is not that bad.
Also, the fact that birthday is the day when many people send me lots of wishes.

So yeah..i'll start to enjoy this day. Happy birthday to me :)

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