Minggu, 29 April 2012


1. I'm not fat, my shirt is still M but i can't wear size S anymore.
2. I love to sleep and daydreaming.
3. I realized i can't be perfect just now. I tried mamy times before and failed. God created me with the human limitations. So all i need is try to ask God to make me perfect and do anything at its best :)
3. I'm not into fashion. But i found fashion is really attractive.
4. I eat a lot but not that much. You will find me full and give up eating.
5. I do cry. Because i'm human. I can feel sad, dissapointment and anger. One more important thing, i have tears :)
6. Eat makes me feel good.
7. I'm happy if i can wear my pajamas to the office. And i did that many times. I just can hide it fron people, teehee!
8. I'm tired.
9. I'm lazy.
10. I hate messy room but can't help create one, mwihihihi :p

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