Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012

Matte Lipstick

My first lipstick was a nude matte lipstick from American brand. Not that i bought from States, but the brand name is American something, hehehe.

I fell in love with matte lipstick because it looks so natural when i applied onto my lips. The only one that matter was lumps that came afterward. Also the dry and cracked lip skin after applied.

I fell in love more with matte lipstick since i saw Anne Hathaway wears her matte red lipstick. I triec to find one that suited me and failed. Because my skin is not fair enough for that kind of red.

Until i found N.Y.X soft matte lip cream from Fashionesedaily Forum. I bought the SML04 London only for 45k include shipping cost. I'm totally down to it..loooveee it!

Then today i went to Seibu and search for brighter lip cream from N.Y.X. I got the Xtreme Lip Cream. It's not so matte like the first one, but not too shiny also. It feels matte with a bit shiny result. Long story short, i love them both :)

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