Minggu, 26 Agustus 2012

Avoiding Cellphone

There were time, few years a go..that i keep trying to avoiding my cellphones from ringing. Most of that time, i avoid my mom's call. Simply because the bad news she delivered that moment.

I told my friend Bobby about this and she nodded emphatically at that time.

But i have forgot all those kind of stuffs. Until today.
My mom texted me this morning. Told me that she has done the laundry for me. I replied with giggles since i was in a very good mood.

Minutes to come she called and told me that my Uwa passed away after couple days in hospital. He had accute dehidration and calcium problem. Not a big deal for some of people.
But for him, at his age, it was like a medium, a messenger to the end of his age.

I sort of..speechless. And ran away going home like there's no tomorrow. Like its gonna bring him back.

I wonder..

If Bobby was still sitting next to me. I think she would understand and sort of compiling those memories into related stories. Or maybe i would do that. Or maybe i have.

Somehow, life goes on.

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