Kamis, 06 September 2012

10 hours date!

So happy today :)
I had a date with my old friend Madu. We started it a bit late from the first time we planned. We met at Cafe Siang Malam, near my laundrette in Setiabudi and left after i finished my brunch.

Afterward we went to Tanah Abang by cab. Went to 8th floor for real lunch. Ended up looking for nothing. Walked down to the fashion district, sweeped each floor with gaze and analized a bit.

Then went up to place to cleaned ourselves up and had little nap. Watched Gangnam Style MV, the making, switched stories about friends, colleagues, bestfriends, and all girl's stuffs :)

In the afternoon we went to Senayan City for sushi dinner! Yippikayey! It's not that i missed sushi much. But we almost always had sushi lately.

After some salmon mentai, salmon crispy, edamame, we forgot of our diet that moment. Hehehe. And we didn't missed to watch strange things people do, mwihihihi.. Afterward we went up fooor..a movie date!

It was Red Light, and sadly i must say.. Even i like Robert DeNiro and Cillian Murphy, we ended up laughing afterward. The thriller effect didn't move us a bit. So..not reccomended :)

Looking forward to hang out all day with you again Maduuu! :D

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