Jumat, 28 September 2012

My Own Version Of Heaven

Disclaimer: i'm writing this while holding my tears from falling. It must be the hormonal medicine. Because my head feels so airy. Blank and easy but also hurt. But thank GOD, i can fulfill my mind with happy things (during weeping) to share.

Heaven is a better place.
Better than earth.
Better than hell (of course).
Better that those 'heaven on earth's

GOD said there 'll be river of milk, river of water, river of any good drinks you want.
HE said we can have anything we want.
HE said we can eat or drink anything we'd like to.
HE said we're gonna be super happy like forever.

Forever is a long time, dear GOD.

And i want YOU to please give me these as additional requests when i'm there beside you in heaven:

- I want a live video montage with Chris Brown's song 'Don't Judge' me as background. It's like real good video clip about relationship, the go to the winding road, asking themselves who they really are. Love on earth never that enough right?
- I want to eat chocolate, cheese, peanuts, and drinking milk as much as i want without getting a migraine.
- I want to befriends with Big Bang and 2ne1. Even if they're not in heaven, please give me the prototypes. I would like to play with them and talk until the night become the dawn.
- I want to eat anything i want. Martabak manis, capcay made by my Mom, sup buntut made by my Mom, spaghetti agliolio, rendang made by my Mother in law, a cake that Margie once had made, red velvet cupcakes, without getting fat.
- I want to ride a car. To look cool behind the wheel, without any chance to get accident. Even only for a day, i don't mind.
-I want to be able to paint. I want to paint all good things in heaven..all that can express my feelings, then give them to anyone who will happy to receive, and put my favorite ones on the wall.
- I want to have a chance to say thank you to everyone on earth. For knowing-or not knowing me, for making me part of the society, for everything. 
- I want to be with my husband. Actually i may want my mom also. But mom will need a man to be her mate. So i choose my husband. The one who love me the way i am, and try to make me happy no matter what. If i have to wait for some time to be with him, i don't mind. Even if we're not meant to be in heaven, it's alright, you can set us as best friend.

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